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wheres brad

startin school tomorrow pretty nervous been outtam iddle school forever its gonna be hard goin backl gonna have to cover my scars w/ moms make up hope no1 notices them

weighed myself after i got outta the shower 142 a new record rachel would be so proud rewarded myself with a new skirt but afterr i got outta the store i realized itswinter haaa so crazy :P

alright almost 10:30 gotta get some sleep leave me some comments for the mornin pc4pc ha night b*chesssss

dream journal

brrrrmmm sounds howd i get to this cafe oh theres leo

let's have some fun.

all i want is to play the sims 3

that's all i want.

i can feel my ribs

this is so new and exciting to me 

fuck richmond

for real this place is hella gay